[2003 Richard Strauss´Ariadne auf Naxos]
[2000-2006 Nardi-Gavrila house, Rome]
[2001 space knots]
[2000 my mother`s room]
[2003 question landmark]
[2003 house Vujasin, S.Lorenzo d'Albona]
[2005-2007 villa for Maison Holdings, Vienna]
[2006-2008 conference center, Vienna]
[2008-2009 penthouse in Vienna]
[2009-2010 family low-energy house, wolkersdorf]

fine arts project, continuing a theme that was initiated by Elena Haschke-Marinescu in the `90s;
confluence between textile art and topology, knot theory.
consultant: Dr.math. Caius Gavrila, Rome